Japanese traditional culture “Japanese embroidery” to the World
The Crowdfunding for NUIDO World Exhibition!

On October 12 – 16, 2022, we will hold the “Nuido World Exhibition” in Ginza and exhibit the individual embroidery design as well as the “Fractal Project,” which was created by Nuido members all over the world, in the hope of communicating the appeal of this traditional Japanese culture and the potential of Japanese embroidery to as many people as possible.

During this exhibition, we are planning to hold an exhibition to share Nuido, the way of embroidery, which has the potential to move people’s hearts in Ginza, Tokyo. However, it is also true that most people will not be able to attend due to the current situation happening in the world. This is why we started the Zoom classes and it made it possible to overcome such trials and has been quite successful to produce gorgeous embroidery pieces! This crowdfunding is to make people possible to view the Nuido World Exhibition virtually from the internet. Kurenai-kai and The Japanese Embroidery Center inc would like to ask you to participate in this crowdfunding to make this happen!

Virtual exhibition in Tokyo Ginza, Japan

Virtual Exhibition on Metaverse 

Virtual Exhibition on Metaverse (Phase designs)






Dusanka Aebi
Sarah Smith
Cecilia Piacitelli
Lynda Fu
Julie Bowd


Deanna Tabar
Antonia Evans
Gina Newlyn
Debra Noe
David Armbrust


Pamela Reading
Barbara Bass
Kathleen Olson
Gina Newlyn


Bettye Hill-Hurmence


Ellice Sperber
Folline Cullen
Deborah Bowers
Christel Marquet
Sergio Rojo Duran
Antonella Antonini
Joanna Tripp
Carol Harrison
Mary Pinto
Dima Santina
Brenda Smith
Kathleen Connors
Mary Louise Sperling


Terry Clarke
Mary Alice Sinton
Hélène Deuff
Michele Winter
Karine Bouvelle
Jean Breckenridge
Susanna Fields-Kuehl
Susan Uff
Elizabeth Christopher
benedicte riou
Roxanne Gendron
Dee Ann Nutsch
Marceil Geiser
Jane Tracy
Patricia le Feuvrier
Nancy Tozer
Helen O’Connor
Kathy Johnson
Stefania Bressan
Anne Brown
Pamela Reading
Melanie Eberle
Christene Thurston
Diane Horschak
Cecile Viode
Susan Curtis
Antonella Antonini
Melody Mcmath
Norma Diehl


Chris Zogus
Jessica Langerman
Vanda McArthur


Irene Perrin
Stefania Iacomi



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