Here are some positive reviews of The World Nuido Collection Vol. II, new publication released three weeks ago.

It is beautiful — Students finding new embroideries calling to them. Wait until you see the full page color copies of a variety of embodies. Excellent resource if you plan to stitch it or use some of the techniques you see in the great variety of fractals. Great study for colors also. Spent an evening going through it page by page and each time have something new pointed out as students receive their copies. Don’t miss getting your own.

A beautiful continuation of the volume I book. Each fractal is more beautiful than the previous. I purchased both books and enjoy looking through them daily.

This book is full of beautiful fractals to feast your eyes on. Each time I look through this book I find a new “favorite”. I feel inspired to work on my own Japanese Embroidery piece and want to improve my stitching. A necessity for my embroidery library.

The features are:

  • Letter size soft cover
  • Full color
  • 116 pages including cover
  • New Fractal designs from all over the world! This time, many designs from Kurenai-kai members, Japan will be included
  • Several designs in full-page taken from “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” stitched by Kurenai-kai members.
  • Designs stitched by Both JEC and Kruenai-kai members/workshop either in full-page or smaller sizes
  • Table of Contents:
    -What is the Fractal Project?
    -About the Design
    -Spread of the Fractal Project to Japan
    -Nuido Abroad
    -Costumes and Interior Designs

Shipping cost became even more affordable
“First-Class Mail International Large Envelope” which is cheaper option than international package is available now! Example: the cost to send one book to Europe is around $14.82 USD.

Discount is as follows:

Also, you will receive $5 bundle discount each time you add Vol. I.
The final discount amount will appear upon checkout.

We are hoping to promote Fractal project to the next world exhibition. This campaign is part of fundraiser for next Nuido World Exhibitions and JEC building maintenance.

If you would like to pickup during JEC class, you can do so by following this instruction.

The discount is ending soon so please hurry!

Fundraising – Auction

Traditional Japanese Embroidery Instructions for the Basic Techniques

  • First English textbook ever published from Kurenai-kai in 1983. Extremely rare!
  • Designs by Master Iwao Saito
  • Compiler and Editor: Shuji Tamura
  • Explanations: Shinsaku Saito
  • Included: Introduction Booklet, Cover
  • Accordion book, techniques on one side, line art design on other side
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 7.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Used, Good condition
  • Splendid series of photos

This campaign is part of Fundraiser for next Nuido Exhibitions and JEC building maintenance.