Embroidery Guild of America National Seminar 2016 

JEC cordially invites you to join the Japanese Embroidery class at the Embroidery Guild of America (EGA) National Seminar, Nov 2 – 6, 2016 in Alexandria, Virginia.
We wish to welcome new and all level stitchers, and “celebrate” the beginning of their journey on the path of Japanese embroidery. Participants have an option to proceed to intermediate level stitching on several areas of the design. Also, the essence of Nuido, the way of embroidery, will be explained during the class. Some stitching movies will be shown for better understanding.

Also, we are very honored to be able to give a seminar lecture about “Color in Japanese Embroidery” on November 2, 2016.

Basic techniques such as Weft, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Separated layers will be taught. Also, several novel effects such as Knots technique will be covered to enjoy adding expressions.

Also, we are very honored to be able to give a lecture about “Color in Japanese Embroidery” on November 2, 2016.

On your birthday, we want to send something special (electronic greeting card)

We are thinking about what we can do to make Nuido community abundant. As a first step, we came up with an idea to send electronic greeting card on your birthday. We will be starting this activity from year 2017. In order to include everyone to this special event, we need your help to enter your birthday information by following simple procedure. We will never reveal your private information.

  1. Go to your account information at https://nuido.com/customer/account/edit/ and login. If you don’t have an account, please create from here.
  2. Enter your birthday.

Also, if applies to you, please enter your current phase level and primary teacher in “Additional information” so we can understand your situation better.

*This is optional. However, please understand that we will not be able to send greeting card on your birthday without the information.

Our Long Seller Nuido Textbook

Complete Japanese embroidery textbook with various techniques and hints. Main features are as follows:

  • Contains 111 pages in full color. Official textbook used in JEC classes worldwide based on the concept of Nuido, the way of embroidery.
  • Introduction on Nuido and its prospect.
  • A design source book for Japanese embroidery which contains definitive techniques reviewed by certified professionals.
  • Includes hints on different fabrics and threads plus framing up instructions
  • Full color with over 80 photographs and 40 stitch techniques
  • Stitch techniques include layering, holding, creating geometric effects, couching, padding, knots, braided cords, and realistic effects.
  • Combined outstanding features of past textbooks with updated diagrams and texts.

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