The Japanese Embroidery Center is a nonprofit educational organization established in 1989.

Nuido - the Way of Embroidery

We are striving to share the Japanese Embroidery tradition and the concept of Nuido with stitchers all around the globe.

This is a Lifelong Passion

On the path of Nuido, you will discover a beauty which enriches your life and the lives of others

Needle Art and Zen

Japanese embroidery (nihon shishu in Japanese) is a collection of embroidery techniques that originated more than 1600 years ago.
Over time, as shishu developed its own unique Japanese qualities and characteristics, it took on a more artistic purpose. According to historians, from the early Heian Period Japanese embroidery was primarily used for decorating the costumes of the Ladies of the Imperial Court. During these early stages, shishu was only available to a select group; only the highest ranks of society could afford such costly work. However, after a thousand years’ sleep, this cultural heritage, the fruit of countless predecessors, is now available to a wider audience and continues to develop for a more self-cultivation and spiritual purpose.

Purpose of Nuido

The late Iwao Saito, master embroidery designer and founder of Kurenai Kai, used to say that the skilled hands of the embroiderer, which have a deep relationship with the heart, produce gorgeous works of embroidery. The embroidery not only reflects the state of the inner heart, but it also reveals the embroiderer’s lifestyle in the way he or she selects colors and uses the various techniques. There is no way that a vague and superficial life will create work that will touch people’s hearts.

By serving a cup of tea employing a concept of “the way,” Sado (the way of tea/the tea ceremony) has reached the level of art. In Japan, there are other “ways” such as Kendo, Shodo, Judo, Kado, and all which have attained the height of quality by integrating techniques with the spiritual concept of “the way.” Traditional Japanese Embroidery has evolved, in its thousand-year history, into Nuido, The Way of Embroidery. We have emphasized the connection between the heart and the techniques.
We are trying to practice the path of Nuido that is aimed at the integration of Nui (techniques) and Do (spirit). With our wish to unite all people in harmony, we will continue to introduce Nuido to the world.

About Us

The Japanese Embroidery Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1989 by Shuji Tamura, the successor of late master Iwao Saito in Kurenai-kai, Japan and his wife Masa Tamura. The Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to preserve and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Japanese embroidery through the pursuit of Nuido™, The Way of Embroidery. The word Nuido™ is made up of two parts; Nui, or embroidery (also shishu), and Do, the way of Nui refers to the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge. Do refers to the development, and constant discovery, of the spiritual components of the art of Nuido™. Nuido™ has three aspects: the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge (rationality), the development of artistic sensitivity and awareness (sensitivity), and understanding the spiritual aspects of shishu (spirituality), resulting in a state of peace, calm, and harmony.

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    We have been operating this organization since 1989

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  • We are Nonprofit Educational Organization

    Our mission is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Japanese embroidery through the pursuit of Nuido™, The Way of Embroidery.

  • We are Pursuing Nuido as Art

    We are trying to practice the path of Nuido that is aimed at the integration of Nui (techniques) and Do (spirit).


“Beauty helps us to develop feelings of inner harmony and balance which give us more strength to face the difficulties of life. Japanese embroidery “is” beauty. Nuido (the way of embroidery) helps us to develop these two feelings. For me, Japanese embroidery practiced with Nuido is like playing music. First we need to know perfectly our “instrument” (needle, thread, fabric, designs…) and how to use it in the best way (techniques). By adding the concept of Nuido a new dimension appears in our achievement. We develop our sensibility through colors, symbols, spiritual messages… If we do our best to stitch our piece, we will express our deepest emotion. This emotion will touch people and we can share with others beauty and harmony. In addition, I discovered that what is most important is not the result, but the way we travel from the first contact with the design of the piece to the very last stitch we do. Each piece is the mirror of our soul at this special instant and all together they are testimony, the same as footsteps on the sand, of our way of life. The Japanese Embroidery center is our guide on this path. The team works very hard to make this discovery easy, and unforgettable for us.”

‘”More than twenty years ago, it was the glorious silk and the beauty of the images that drew me to Japanese embroidery, but the study of the art has brought so much more to my life than just learning how to manipulate the silk and metal threads. Japanese embroidery has deepened my appreciation of nature, the beauty of the world, and an ancient culture and its traditions; The calm and peace that I experience when stitching restores my soul, enriches my life and continues to inspire me. I can not imagine my life without Japanese embroidery.”

Japanese embroidery gives me a place to retreat and refresh myself with peace and beauty.  I love examining the elegance of Japanese design and learning the history and culture of Japan.  Japanese embroidery has taught me that if I persevere, in time, I can achieve things I never would have thought possible. More importantly, I found life-long friends and teachers who give real meaning to the words integrity, kindness, and wisdom.

“Japanese embroidery has taught me to focus and find a refuge in my busy life.  I love the fact that no matter how many years I stitch there will still be more to learn.  I find that I am always either stitching or thinking about stitching.  Consequently, I am never bored! Painting encompasses “paint by numbers” through the works of Renoir.  Japanese embroidery is the “Renoir” of the needle arts. Japanese embroidery is organized in a step by step progression; with practice, anyone can learn.  We like to say “Time carries skill.” Truly, I feel joy when I work on my embroidery and my pleasure runs deep and wide.

Learn Nuido

There are 10 phase designs in the JEC’s curriculum. The stitcher gains skills and the Japanese perspective and sensitivity for embroidery by working through each Phase. (Phase 10 represents the stitcher’s “graduation” to advanced stitching.)

If you wish for us to provide you with class information for the teacher nearest to you, please click on the button below and submit your information. We have instructors in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, USA,  and United Kingdom.

If you are interested in signing up for the Nuido community, online course, or membership, please visit nuido.com. You can also purchase textbook/portfolio publications, materials such as silk threads, metallic threads, and embroidery tools,