By serving a cup of tea with a concept of “the way,” Sado (the way of tea/the tea ceremony) has reached the level of art. In Japan, there are other “ways” such as Kendo, Shodo, Judo, Kado, and all which have attained the height of quality by integrating techniques with the spiritual concept of “the way.” Traditional Japanese Embroidery has evolved, in its thousand-year history, into The Way of Embroidery. We have emphasized the connection between the heart and the techniques. As we look toward the new millennium, we will start walking on the path of Nuido™ that is aimed at the integration of Nui (techniques) and Do (spirit). With our wish to unite all people in harmony, we will introduce Nuido™ to the world.

The World Exhibition will bring the world together in peace and harmony through Nuido, The Way of Japanese Embroidery. Held by the Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) and Kurenai-Kai Ltd, and sponsored by many corporates and funds, the event will display over 100 magnificent works embodying the tradition, skill and discipline of this ancient art. These works – created by 1000 Nuido members in 19 countries on 5 continents – will be enjoyed by thousands around the world.

2003 Nuido World Exhibition Video

2007 Nuido World Exhibition Video