Online Learning Crowdfunding Contribution

We are grateful to report the contributors of crowdfunding for the online learning system since the Covid-19 pandemic began.
During the Covid-19, a financial crisis shook the JEC just as it did the world. So we kindly ask you to participate in crowdfunding for this learning system. The fund will be used toward the development of an online system which is crucial for the future of Japanese embroidery and Nuido.
We wish to show our gratitude towards the contributors listed below:


Cecilia Piacitelli
Antonia Evans
Julie Bowd
Lynda Fu
Judy Lin


Julie Bowd
David Armbrust
Anne Brown
Susan Elliott
Gina Newlyn
Chris Zogus
Lynda Fu


Dee Ann Nutsch


Kim Bear
Pamela Reading
Patricia Le Feuvrier
Bettye Hill-Hurmence
Patricia McLaughlin


Anne Montgomery
Barbara Hornick
Kari Lippert
Julie Suenaga
Samantha Erwin
Marceil Geiser


Nacy Tozer


The goal amount has been reached in March 2022! Thank you very much for your contribution.
Please reach out to us if your name is not on the list.