Please follow the procedure before registering for Phase X Class:

1. Phase X students must complete all Phases I through IX. Please note that all fabrics must be bought from JEC which are qualified for stitching, otherwise you or your student will not be accepted for Phase X class.
2. Phase X students should fill in the Survey form (please contact JEC to obtain the form).
3. When the students fill in the survey form, they will forward it to their primary teacher.
4. The primary teacher will review the students’ surveys and then fill in the recommendation form. Some students may need more review before taking Phase X (please contact JEC to obtain the form).
5. The primary teacher then forwards both forms to the JEC, attention to Kazumi Fujisawa.
6. The center will process the information and let the students know if they are eligible to attend Phase X class. A copy will be sent to the teacher as well.
7. Once a student is accepted, the Center will send him or her the Phase X registration form. Please complete the registration and return it to the Center.
All Phase I through Phase X pieces must be completed before a teacher is certified to teach. When students have completed Phase X, they will need to send a photograph to the attention of Kazumi Fujisawa, and attend a Teachers Class in order for their names to be listed as a JEC Certified Instructor on the website. Please note that the teacher benefit is only available for those who teach classes and that a class list will be required.
It is a requirement to attend a Teachers Class once every three years to maintain the teacher status.

Please contact us if you have any questions.