Embroidering opportunity for young people!

In addition to its classes in advanced embroidery, JEC offers a Young Students Class, an introductory-level course intended to pass on to the next generation the thousand-year old tradition of Nuido™ every summer. Open to children and grandchildren (ages eight to  twenty) of current JEC members, the Young Students Class initiates the novice  into the exquisite art of Japanese embroidery.


An experienced JEC Certified will head our classes, and lead our students in the way of Japanese embroidery. Adults accompanying students may stitch in the classroom. Daily tuition will be charged if you are not 550 Club member.

For the class, students will each  receive a free kit and will have the use of a Japanese frame, needles, and  tools. (However, we encourage you to bring your own tools, if possible. Please  be sure to at least bring your own small scissors, a cloth at least 30 inches square to cover your work, and a sack lunch!)

For the registration and guardian information for Young Students Class, please contact us.


While there is no charge for the class, JEC does require a $90.00 deposit against the return of the frame and tools, which may be taken home to complete the piece. If these are returned  within six months preserved in the same condition they were when received, your deposit will be refunded.

During the course, two free designs  will be offered:

“Fortune Crane”

“Small Happiness”

New (beginner) students will work on “Small Happiness,” while second-year (intermediate) students will work on “Fortune Crane.”

An option exists for both third-year (advanced) and beginner or intermediate students of high-school age or older to  begin with Phase I designs (“American Basket; “Mile High;” or “Bouquet from the Heart of Japan,” which may be viewed by clicking the thumbnail below). For  students who opt to begin with Phase I designs, a discount of 10% off the regular course curriculum price is available if parent or guardian is a JEC  member.


Phase I  'Bouquet from the  Heart of Japan'

Please know that there are a limited number of seats available, and that first priority goes to the children/relatives of JEC members, so make sure you sign up for our Young Students Classes now!