Teacher Qualification Outline

This is to remind all teachers that in order to maintain Certified Teacher Status, it is required that they attend the Teachers’ Class every three years.
After November 2011, those who do not meet their teacher qualification will be contacted by JEC and the teacher benefits will be temporarily suspended and their names will be removed from the international teacher roster and website.
To be re-certified, all one must do is to attend a subsequent Teachers’ Class. This will be noted annually. JEC will continue to offer Teachers’ Classes in other locations around the world. Please note that the teacher must attend class for the full four days to be eligible for certification.
Students working on phase pieces must be studying with a certified teacher in order to qualify for Phase X. If a teacher is not listed as a certified teacher, the students may contact the JEC. It may be that the teacher’s name is unlisted by his or her request.
Please contact JEC if you have any questions. I will be happy to assist you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

JEC Rule on Teacher Benefit

We strongly believe that the most of the qualified teachers are abiding this principle, although we just want to remind you again to fully focus on our one and only mission.

The Teacher benefit is exclusively proposed for the purpose of education and promoting the art of Nuido around the world, and should be used only to sell materials to their own students in their classrooms.

Recently, it was brought to JEC’s attention that there are teachers who obtain higher teacher discounts by reselling  materials to other teachers in order to maintain their qualification for the higher discount. This is strictly prohibited.

The essence of this rule is to respect the diligent efforts of other teachers and to protect the market of each region.

Violation of this term will result a revocation of both benefit and qualification. We truly wish that you won’t jeopardize your position. If you find any violations regarding this matter, or if you have any questions, please contact the JEC (Name of the reporter will not be revealed.)